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Who We Are

Our vision is to honor the sacrifice of our military members and 1st responders by preserving artifact donations and sharing the rich history of our nation’s veterans and 1st responders.

Our mission is to maintain a community museum to preserve and protect the collection of artifacts donated by families of veterans and 1st responders.

  • We will honor the sacrifice made by our veterans and 1st responders by displaying their memorabilia to the public.
  • We will provide military and 1st responder history to our community by sharing artifacts, giving public presentations, and interacting with museum visitors and donors.
  • We will host and engage in activities that will support and maintain awareness of our country’s history and the sacrifices made for our freedom.
  1. To maintain a facility that will contain donated military and 1st responder artifacts and equipment with adequate space to display these items.
  2. To provide community education by providing museum tours, community outreach programs, in-house and public presentations, and visitor and donor interaction.
  3. To recruit and maintain volunteers to assist the organization in community awareness and education.
  1. Collect and accept military and/or 1st responder artifact donations
  2. Categorize and research artifacts for history and value
  3. Preserve papers, photographs, uniforms, and inactive weaponry

If you’re interested in donating an artifact, please contact us and we’ll reach out to you directly.